WinXP Batch for Exporting Balsamiq Mockups to Pngs

@echo off
rem Export all Balsamic Mockup files to pngs in the same directory.
if not "%echo%"=="" echo %echo%
set prog="%ProgramFiles%\Balsamiq Mockups\Balsamiq Mockups.exe"

for %%m in (*.bmml) do call :ProcessFile "%%m"

exit /b

rem must provide fully qualified paths of balsamiq
%prog% export "%~f1" "%~d1%~p1%~n1.png"

Edit 29-Apr-2009 13:10 (EDST)
Peldi asked my to include a link to the Balsamiq support site
and I hereby oblige happily. I should have looked there first - I just enjoy to much writing shell scripts.

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Peldi said...

Hi there, thanks for sharing this! Could you perhaps also add a link to this page here? http://www.getsatisfaction.com/balsamiq/topics/shell_scripts_to_export_multiple_mockups


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