It's harder than I thought

So now it's the second day of my new project and there are more things to do that I have exspected.
These are the problems:

  • There no on site customer in sight
  • From the four people assigned to my project three are still working on the old product
People are new to
  • .NET
  • C#
  • Visual Studio 2005 (so they do not know about ReSharper or ViEmu)
  • Design Patterns
  • PoEAA
  • Source control
  • Automated builds
  • Continuous Integration
  • OO programming
  • Refactoring
  • Domain Driven Design (well, I didn't dare to ask)
  • Automated developer tests
  • Automated acceptance tests
  • IoC and containers
  • Layered architectures
  • O/RM
I could extend the list even more. This seems daunting. Every bit of knowledge I took for granted in my old project is just not there. So I have to start from scratch
Enough complaints. Here are the things I plan to get the team started.
  • Quick intro into VS 2005
  • Hands on: How to write Hello World in C#
  • Hands on: Hello World 2007: Greeting is comming from a ClassLibrary
  • Wrap up References: Binary, Project, COM, WebServices
  • C# 1 - Types: Classes, Interfaces, Enums, Structs || Value Types -- Reference Types || Build in Value Types
  • C# 2 - Statements: method call, if..else, Nested if statements, switch statment, goto, while loop, do..while loop, for loop, continue and break, block statement.
  • C# 3 - Operators: Assignment, +-*/, %, += -= *= /= %=, Prefix and Postfix ++ --, Relational == < <= > >= !=, Logical && || !, Short Circuit Evaluation, Ternary Operator ? :, Precedence of Operators
to be continued later...


Andrei Pamula said...

why not VB.Net instead of C#?
Might make the learning curve for VB6 developers more gradual...

(syntax is 80% familiar)

Ralf said...

I remember when I was migrating myself from vb6 to .net.
The main task is to learn the framework, not so much a new language. And when I was working in a new but very similar language I always slipped back into the old thinking. For me a clean cut was working much better and I exspect it to be for other as well.
Ah, and one more reason: The management has decided to use C#.


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