For me its the end of the Gui Architectur Confusion! Presenter First rules

After reading about GUI architectures here and here and after being in a project where the GUI layer has been architected by a real architekt (as in "over 40 and over confident") into an unusable mess, I believe I've finally found the holy grail. For me it is at least. Look for yourself at this and make up your mind.

The even have a notion about what I have called The User as a Service every now and then.

What is the best thing about Presenter First, is that it not only takes into account architecture but also the actual develoment process and it is a perfect fit for TDD. And Presenter First seems to be a very good addition to DDD.

I came accros this by looking at the most unlikely place to find something that is so simple and so elegant and looks so feasible (not to mention that you can do it without software factories, domain specific languages, code generation (well the authors actually use some code generation but it is not needed), visual designers) at ARCast on Channel 9. They have two episodes

My advice
  • Read the papers
  • Listen to the podcasts
  • Look at the examples
  • Try it in your project
  • Be happy!

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Andrei Pamula said...

The user in a OO (actor) world is just an actor (object). And like any object/actor it just sends/receives messages.

Regarding the "PresenterFirst" pattern, I like to use a "Matrix" (the movie) quote: "There is no spoon": there is no GUI, there is no view: all the required messages are sent to the presenter.


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