New Job

So after more than a month of searching I've found a new project. After having offers by the dozens to work as a coder (or rather a DARL) or even as a product specialist (I mention Sharepoint somewhere in my cv and was flodded with offers), I finally signed the contract for the project of my dreams.
Imagine the setting: There is a software company that is doing a lot of J2EE develoment. The only thing not J2EE is a team of 5 people who are maintaining an application written in VB6 that is out in the market. Now the company has decided that this application needs a rewrite and what is what is even more important: that the company must build some .NET muscle. So the hired me on a contract basis to work as a coach/architect/lead developer (maybe even evangelist) to lead the team in to the brave new world of .NET.
The gig starts in one week so I have some time to figure out how to make this happen.
I'll plan to write down in the blog what I intend to do and how it will turn out.

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